Freelancer business license registration

Starting a business as a freelancer in the Czech Republic requires many formalities, administrative and a lot of communication with the government authorities. In particular, you need to register a business license, provide a business address, sign in for social and health insurance and also register at the tax office. This can be a difficult and time-consuming process for many start-up freelancers. Especially if they are not Czech citizens, because there is even more administrative steps, plus the authorities usually communicate only in a Czech language.

Even after the registration is done, there is a number of restrictions, which can be easily infringed, if a starting freelancer does not know them (database responsibility, insurance and tax rules etc.). In our service, we will also explain all the necessary, so you avoid the unnecessary complications and financial penalties.

If you want to start and run a business in the Czech Republic correctly, entrust us with the whole process. We will be happy to consult everything with you from the start, including the appropriate types of trade licenses, to ensure that your license will be registered exactly according to your needs. We also include the virtual business office address in our packages below, which is required by a law.

Everything will be handled with a single power of attorney, which we will prepare for you after clarifying all the details about your inquiry. All you need to do is one visit of the post office. Once we receive the signed document(s) from you, your trade license will be ready within 5 work days. In the meantime, you can focus your time on your business activities. (e.g. finding clients, fine-tuning your website or marketing).

We kindly notify, that a VISA/residency permit application is not included in our service. We do not operate in this area, BUT, we can connect you with a specialized partner company, which can take care of it.

TIP: In addition to business registration, we can also help you with other areas of your business - for example, we offer accounting and legal services, virtual assistants, marketing, etc.

Our prices

If you have already insurance registered, you can use just the BASIC package containing of registering the trade license + tax office registration and virtual business address for 1 year.

If you need the whole service covering the insurances as well, the COMPLETE bundle will do the thing, also with the scanning of the received letters to the business address included.


4 500 CZK

  • Business license reg.
  • Virtual address Prague 5 - Kurzova 2222/16
  • Tax office reg.
  • x
  • x


6 500 CZK

  • Business license reg.
  • Virtual address Prague 5
  • Post scanning
  • Tax office reg.
  • Social & Health insurance reg.

* All prices are excluding 21% VAT tax.
* Our bundles include the virtual address KURZOVA 2222/16, PRAHA 5. If you want a different address, feel free to choose any other from here. The price will be adjusted according to the price list.

If you need one specific service instead of the whole package, it is no problem. Feel free to let us know which separate services you need.


Service Price
Specialized business license reg. (+) 1 000 CZK
Virtual business address from 1 068 CZK / year
Health and social insurance reg. 3 000 CZK
Tax office registration 2 000 CZK
VAT registration assistance from 5 000 CZK
Trade license change / termination 2 000 CZK

What do I have to provide for the registration?

Basic data about the freelancer Full name, title, date and place of the birth, permanent address, citizenship, etc.
Business address If you do not want to register your home address as a business one, or if you do not have permission from the property owner, you can use our virtual address.
Selected trades and eventually certificates Most of the business licenses are registered without a qualification proof. However, there are specialized trades, such as accountant, architect, hairdresser etc.These require a certificate about qualification to register. If you do not know which trade license branches choose, we will propose the correct one, related to your activity.
Signed power of attorney After we will clarify all the details, we will send you a power of attorney to sign. You just need to visit a CzechPoint (or Czech embassy/consulate, if you are in a different country) and make a legalized signature.
For non-EU citizens, extract from the criminal record Persons without permanent residence in the EU are required to provide an extract from the criminal record with a certified translation, not older than 3 months. Usually this document is issued by an embassy or consulate.


  1. Firstly, we will arrange the details about your trade license, so we will ensure to cover everything according to your needs.
  2. After we have the requested data and we clarify all the details, we will send you an invoice for 2 000 CZK as deposit for preparation of the documents and related steps (non-refundable).
  3. After the invoice is paid, we will send you the final documents (full powers) to sign. When we receive them with the rest of the payment, we will take care of the rest and usually within 5 workdays, your trade license is ready to use

If the freelancer is a foreign person without Czech citizenship, the registration fees and expenses are higher than for the Czech citizens, which are included in our prices already.

If you do not have a permanent residency permit in the EU, you will also need to provide a criminal record extract from your home country, not older than 3 months + translation by a certified translator.

The criminal record extract is usually issued by your country's embassy or ministry of foreign affairs.

Yes, the virtual address is a fully legal service used by thousands of smaller/medium companies and freelancers to avoid the unnecessary expenses related to renting the offices.

Not every company/freelancer needs a physical workplace to operate. Also, if you are living in a rented building, not every owner will allow you to use their address as a company residency.

These are the major reasons why a lot of the companies prefer to use a virtual address. Another advantage is a scanning of the received post which is delivered to the address by our personnel.

If you have a Czech address to use, we will only need an agreement of the owner´s building. In case of need, we will send you a draft of the document just to fill and sign.

According to Czech law, every freelancer has to be registered at the social + health insurances and also at the tax office and pay monthly deposits (at this time around 5 500 CZK / month)

In our services, we also offer a registration of the foreign citizens at the insurance + tax office, so you will have all the legal conditions covered. Price of this service is 3 000 CZK.

Basically, there are 82 free trade license branches (area of business) from which you can choose without providing a qualification (such as advertising services, consultancy, cleaning etc.).

Besides these, there are specialized activities such as medical services, accounting, architecture etc., which requires you to provide a qualification proof, which has to be approved by the Czech authorities, before you can provide them.

The free trade licenses registration is included in the basic price, the specialized are charged by a 1 000 CZK fee + you need to provide us the qualification proof.

No, each subject (freelancer / company) has to register its own trade license. We will ensure the registration of the company trade license as specified in a previous question.

We do not open the bank accounts for the clients, because the bank will demand to fill a safety form about the business activities and partners.
Because It will be mainly up to you to vindicate the business intentions, we cannot provide any significant help here.

We can advise that any transparent documents related to your business / partners attached to the form can help to the successful result of your application.

Yes, there is no law in the Czech Republic which would limit you to only be employed, or only run a trade license.

You can be in all three roles simultaneously. You can also be employed in your own company and take a salary for example for a role of executive.

No, the trade license registration will not automatically allow you to get a VISA / permanent stay permission.

Getting a VISA / residency permission is a different process, which requires you to meet the conditions set by the EU / Czech ministry of foreign affairs.

At this moment, we do not operate in this area, but we can connect you with our partner company, which can help you

As was specified in a question above, we do not operate in this area.

However, we offer accounting services, where our specialists can also help you with finding the correct forms to fill / places to contact.

Non-binding order for a trade licence

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours on business days. Once all the information has been supplied, submitting the power of attorney and payment, we will process your business license with everything you need. If you would like to discuss anything, please call us at 602 654 355 and email us at [email protected].

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